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Writing the future

By: Willie Robinson

Study World Corporation has been “writing your future” since 1976. The program,

“Moving Language Ahead”, encourages international students to engage in a two-week study

abroad program to the United States to improve their English and give them knowledge of the

United States history, while enjoying the beauty of New York City.


This summer, Study World Corporation extended their services to Hofstra University for

the second year in a row, inviting over 600 Italian students to reside on the campus for a two-
week span per group. Each group varied from 15 to 60 students between the ages of 12 to 19

years old.


The program’s schedule required students to have a day devoted to lessons every other

day during their stay. The lesson day is an eight-hour school day followed by partaking in a

sport of their choice, varying from soccer to yoga. On the days the students were not in school,

they were granted the opportunity to explore New York City, visiting sights such as the Empire

State Building, Central Park, 5th Philadelphia and Boston. After these sightseeing days, the

students attended a “disco” which was a night of festivities including trivia games, and dancing.

Ave, Liberty Island, SoHo and other areas.


Lisa Martina, a student of the MLA World Study program, enjoyed being on Hofstra

University’s campus and is looking into perusing her college career on the campus.

“I was born in the city of Cremona in Italy. Attending MLA was my first time being in

the U.S and I love it” She said with enthusiasm.


“I learned well the American pronunciation as well as slang. I want to attend university in

America, maybe Hofstra. It is so different from Italy.”


Giulia Alice also enjoyed her experience at MLA Study World at Hofstra.


“I am from Rome and this was my first time in America. I learned a lot of new

vocabulary and I improved my English pronunciation. It was very useful. I met so many new

people, Americans, and a lot of people I did not know in my home town. I want to visit soon.”


For Andres Petri, the program was an opportunity of a lifetime and an honor. Andres lived in

Maryland for two years while his father was enrolled in the military.


“It was so nice to be in the U.S again. My father is in the military so growing up we

traveled often. I lived in the U.S for two years, which explains my English being for fluent than

the other MLA students. The best thing about the U.S is the opportunity. In Italy it is very hard to

find work after high school. Our economy at the moment is not so well. I miss living in the U.S

and attending school there and watch my father support the U.S.A in the military. He is giving

back to the society and balance a lot because he is in the army. I hope to visit again one day.”

Roberto Marchetti’s favorite part about coming to America was the shopping.


“I love to shop in Italy, but in America it is way more cheap. Chuck Taylor shoes are $90

in American money in Italy, here I only pay $40. There are so many stores that I now like such

as Urban Outfitters and Uniqlo. And Starbucks coffee is delightful! We only have one Starbucks

coffee in Italy that I know and it is really far. I do not like that the cigarettes are so much money,

but I buy anyway.”


The students who attended this study abroad program have not only gained an amazing

experience, but developed a wide range of new-found friendships. Unfortunately, there was a

slight division between students from Northern Italy and Southern Italy.


Francesco La Monte from Northern Italy explained the separation saying, “It’s not that we do

not like each other, it is just a different thing.”


“In the North, it is more fast pace, and the fashion is more better. We really do not

have much in common, but during the MLA program I have made friends with some Southern

students. They are different but they are nice and we get along well.”


The activity leaders of the MLA Study World program worked hard on making sure that

the students felt comfortable with their stay. The international students embraced the American

culture and left with new experiences, new friends, and new suitcases full of new clothes. The

relationship between the activity leaders and students impacted the students who that said their

confidence increased since joining the program. Some students came into the program very shy

and timid and left with a handful of new friends.


MLA Study World gives international students the opportunity to study at various

schools in New York. They base every summer at different schools in New York, as well as in

California and London. The program is one of many due to its high demand and costly tuition. A

percentage of the proceeds from this program are given to Hofstra University. The outcome is a

hope to increase the amount of international students at Hofatra University, and to give Hofstra a

world round buzz.




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