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Queens: A World of Immigrants

By: Brielle Basso




Queens, New York is one of the most diverse areas on the planet. It is home to over a million foreign-born residents. One in every three immigrants from New York City lives in Queens. Although Brooklyn is the most populated of the five boroughs, Queens is the most diverse, with residents from countries all over the world.

The population in Queens represents 100 different nations. Within 10 years, Queens is on track to become the most heavily populated borough in the city.



138 different languages are spoken in Queens

The top 10 languages are:

1. English

2. Spanish

3. Chinese

4. Korean

5. Italian

6. Greek

7. Russian

8. Tagalog (Filipino)

9. French

10. Creole

2.3 million people live in Queens.

The #7 subway line is known as the “International Express,” connecting Times Square to Flushing, Queens.

1.1 million residents of Queens were foreign born.

47.7% of Queens residents are native born, but 53.3% are foreign born.

56.4% of the Queens population speaks a language other than English as home.

The top 10 immigrant groups in Queens are:

1. Chinese

2. Guyanese

3. Ecuadorian

4. Mexican

5. Dominican

6. Colombian

7. Korean

8. Bangladeshi

9. Indian

10. Jamaican

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